The plant is the sensor

Let the plant sense all the complicated inputs and give you an irrigation recommendation that maximises your water use efficiency while optimising your yield, quality, and resources.

Take a few minutes to see how Athena IR-Tech partnered with Penley Estate and Wine Australia to showcase how Penley Estate is using the Athena IR-Tech Transp-IR solution across their vineyards in the Coonawarra.

Athena IR-Tech is...


Leading edge infrared technology constantly measures plant and environment temperature, humidity and solar radiation.


Research-backed, variety specific and industry proven algorithm converts real-time readings into an optimised vine water index.


Let the plant notify you that it needs water or view this knowledge on a simple graphical interface on any device.

Why Transp-IR?

Higher crop water use efficiency compared to conventional irrigation scheduling techniques.

Backed by proven research specific to your variety.

Water use optimised by phenological stage to drive quality.

Accurate, Sophisticated and Easy-to-use.

Low total cost of ownership.

Payback is measured in months, not seasons.

10x ROI in Year 1.

How it works


Transp-IR records temperature, humidity and solar radiation from the plant and the environment.


Transp-IR software converts data into the Plant Water Index.


Transp-IR informs the grower with the Plant Water Index for each Transp-IR device.


The grower schedules irrigation based on the Plant Water Index and their experience.

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