Sensors in the Vines

Let the plant guide your decision making concerning whether it needs to be irrigated.

In field devices record leaf and ambient temperature, humidity and solar radiation.

Data is transmitted every 10 minutes via 4G to the cloud.

Athena Graph

Let the plant tell you when it needs irrigation based on where the plant water status is in relation to the optimal irrigation range.

Adjust the graph to show the detailed field unit readings taken every 10 minutes.

Confirm the geographical information about the field device, where it is located and which crop it is monitoring.

Athena Organisation Page

Organise your Transp-IR solution by site allowing you to monitor and manage each site separately.

Define each block based on the crop you want to monitor and assign as many devices to that block, each with their own GPS location.

Athena Device Group

Logically group your field devices into groups to monitor like crops or cultivars to see how a cultivar is performing across sites or blocks.

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