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Athena IR-Tech founders Fran and Vinay are viticultural and agricultural research scientists from Cornell University and University of Adelaide.

Athena IR-Tech was born out of novel research in determining optimal irrigation recommendations using proximal IR devices and commercially launched when Jay joined the team adding over 35 years of business expertise from companies such as Accenture, Constellation Wines and Schneider Electric.

Meet the team of Athena IR Tech

Meet the Team

Jay Holta Athena IR Tech

Jay Holata

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy, product, investment, growth, partnerships.

Dr Vinay Pagay Athena IR Tech

Dr Vinay Pagay

Chief Scientific Officer

Plant-based sensing technologies, engineering, product development, scientific guidance.

Dr Fran Doerflinger Athena IR Tech

Dr Fran Doerflinger

Director of Ag Research

Agriculture R&D, scientific guidance, product development.

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